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While both bullion and numismatic coins can both be wise investments, numismatic coins offer a host of advantages over bullion coins. Because rarity is an inherent characteristic of numismatic coins, their yield potential is much greater. Additionally, purchasing numismatic coins provides for additional privacy. There are no reporting requirements for the purchase or liquidation of numismatic coins and you are not required to disclose your social security number. Finally, because numismatic coins can be privately owned, you are protected in the rare instance of government confiscation. Below are some commonly recommended numismatic coins.

Pinnacle Gold is dedicated to providing a wide variety of bullion coins for collectors and investors alike. Listed below is a small sample of popular gold and silver coins available through Pinnacle Gold. However many other coins, bars, ingots and even other metals are available. You can also read about numismatic coins on the previous tab.

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